Harry Potter: Wizards Unite - New Android / IOS AR Mobile Game

June 22, 2019

Hey! Welcome back! Are you a fan of Pokemon Go? Yes?? How about Harry Potter? Well if you do then this game would be heck of a fun for you!

I recently got a notification from Google Play that the newest Niantic game has been released. Although it's currently not yet available globally, which will be launched on Friday, July 21, you can still register on google play to get notified once the game is available for download. But if you're from the US or UK you can already download it for free. If you're not aware a Harry Potter game was released before this one in a RPG style; creating your own avatar, choosing your Hogwarts House, going to classes to learn the spells etc. It was quite amusing at first but I honestly got bored after a while. So, when I heard about a Harry Potter x Pokemon Go crossover, I got really curious how the game would look like.

Luckily, I was able to get my hands on the game few minutes after google play notified me so I can get to see how the game works.

Right when you log in, the vibe does feels like reading an old newspaper, like the ones you see on Fantastic Beasts movie. Niantic is the same company that developed the Pokemon Go game which involves augmented reality. Being able to catch pokemons and battle with trainers in the real world is actually fun. Unfortunately, because I'm an introvert, and doesn't really go out that much, I wasn't able to enjoy the game when it was on its peak. Who knows? Maybe this Harry Potter one could make me get out of my house more often from now on, hehe.

The game looks more 2D right when you log in, unlike Pokemon Go, you'll definitely feel this trainer hype right when the music starts playing. In contradiction to that, the Old English vibe screams loud enough on the loading screen but would shock you with a 5-second lively background music, then go back to the Harry Potter instrumentals. I'm not really expecting the same hype as the Pokemon Go frankly because Harry Potter is really aesthetically pleasing as a movie, and it's based on a young boy who was actually wizard. Basically it's his story and how he got there. Making a mind-blowing game out of it isn't really going to be that easy.

The game is played on portrait mode and has the usual map where your character can be seen standing. For some reason you don't have to choose what you would look like. I'm assuming everyone will just look like a wizard wearing a purple robe. I honestly wish we could kinda customize the avatar tho.

The tutorial includes voice over chats from the NPCs, of course, the beloved Harry is there to guide you.

Navigations will let you add friends with a maximum number of 200 people. It is said to provide Wizarding XP and Wizarding Challenge XP when engaged in Wizarding Challenges together. I have no friends yet so I couldn't tell how much XP it would give you.

You can also find your ministry ID  at the bottom left corner where all your information were listed. You are allowed to upload a photo of you, choose your own Hogwarts House, select a profession- which can be unlocked on a specific level, register your wand, and have your own title.

Your suitcase contains all wizarding challenges and records where you will save most of your game progress in. These includes freeing other characters from the movie, beasts and familiars.

Note: On the settings page of the game, you will find a "download all assets" option which has 2497 files, about 3300mb (3gb) worth of assets. I'm honestly still thinking whether or not to download it, well, at least not yet.

A gameplay video will be uploaded on my Youtube Channel to give you a more detailed look on the game so that we can keep this blog post short. I will also be linking the video itself here soon once I've uploaded it. Here are some screenshots to give you a sneak peak of Harry Potter Wizards Unite:




Would you go out and play this game too?? What do you think about the new Harry Potter Wizards Unite? Let me know!

For more info visit: www.harrypotterwizardsunite.com

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