Getting My Sh*t Ready For The Year 2020

From my previous post I have mentioned starting anew as I welcome the year 2020. It is quite overwhelming to swallow down the fact that ...

From my previous post I have mentioned starting anew as I welcome the year 2020. It is quite overwhelming to swallow down the fact that we are about to close a whole decade worth of chapters in our lives. It's actually nice to be present, and acknowledge all those times that I have spent by myself, trying to figure out all the possible things I can do if I ever get past certain ages that I've wondered if I would still be able to celebrate.

I'm happy to be here now.

To be able to shed the old skin and ready myself to be reborn again into someone I've always dreamed of. But, just being ready will never be enough to transform my life, so, I decided to create a list of things that I could use as a guideline, a stepping stone, towards the life I'm trying to manifest.

  • Setting up the right goals. Even if it looks easy to start writing everything I want to accomplish by 2020, none of it will make any sense if I don't create the most specific goal I want to put my attention to. It can also be overwhelming due to the factors I encounter everyday through social media. The best way to accomplish this is to ask some questions to myself like:

"What do I want to accomplish in the first three months of the year?"
"How am I going to use the resources available around me to achieve it?"
"Why am I trying to accomplish this goal?"

and make sure that I'm willing to honestly answer it as specific as possible including tangible details I can work on.

  • Creating the habits. I want to stress out how important this is. By creating purposeful habits, it could lead me into fulfilling my missions everyday towards my goal. Finely and carefully pick the activities I would want to be spending my time into, taking my time seriously and avoid creating a bunch of nonsense habits that lead to nowhere. Some of the helpful habits are waking up early, meditation, reading self-help books, listening to productivity podcasts, creating a journal, and expanding social interaction. These are just some of the few activities I would likely to include in my day to make sure I’m stepping closer towards the goal.
  • Do not say YES to everything. I grew up around people who used to tell me to look at almost everything that knocks on my door as an opportunity. As I grew older, I began to think about the what ifs. “What if I don’t feel good about it?”,  “What if it doesn’t help me grow?”, “ What if it doesn’t make me excited everyday?” I was told that as long as it serves me the purpose of helping me buy my needs, it should be fine. But sometimes, I feel bad because it doesn’t matter to them how I feel about it, or if I’m slowly turning into a machine. It is a scary feeling for me, because I don’t feel like I’m going to be able to fulfill my purpose if I just say yes to everything. Saying “no” isn’t as bad, it doesn’t make you selfish for rejecting certain things. Sometimes, it would lead us exactly where we need to be. Without having to agree on everything, you are saving your time and energy for something even more helpful and purposeful that could maybe help more people in the future. But that doesn’t mean you should always say “no” to everything, and make a wise decision to weigh down the opportunities that comes your way.
  • Getting enough rest. I’m a person who loves playing games, even though my only access to games for now is my phone. I can spend almost all day playing a game, and even stay up all night for it as well. I used to not mind sleeping off half of my day to catch up with my sleeping schedule, and then, repeat the same process. This happens usually when I am down and spiraling back to thinking horrible thoughts about myself. I used it as an escape, and would not even care if I’m not getting enough rest. Which I know is wrong, because getting enough rest will help me heal and be ready for the next day. Repairing the cells in my body as I sleep, and recharge so I can create more masterpieces.
  • Educate as much as I can. It doesn't matter where I am in life right now. As long as my curiosity still stands, I should be curious about almost everything. Learn in any possible way. May it be learning how to cook, how to live alone, doing bills and taxes, fixing things around the house, maybe try and do a new routine or explore other beliefs. Just be open to the unlimited source of information, where I can learn from them in the process. Experiences are also a form of information that I can apply to my life and use it as a guide to get through different circumstances. In fact, they are the best teachers in life.
My life is still too far from being my dream life, not even close to being perfect. I've had my ups and downs everyday and that's okay. Sometimes, I still get those voices in my head that tells me otherwise but I am slowly learning to embrace the idea of having people I can reach out to. I want you all to do the same, find a reason to keep on moving, reach out more to people who cares about you and slowly transform your routines into something better day by day. We all deserve to create a happy, dreamy lives, and I hope that you find your courage to step into the light and fight with us. I wish you happiness and strength all throughout this journey, and if you ever alone, I'm always going to be here to support you and encourage you to be the best version of yourself even at times when you don't see it happening.

I believe in you, and so you should too.

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