Turn your passion into a lifestyle.

This blog is dedicated to discovery, self-love, finding and creating your own career, gratitude and living life through art and writing. 

The Mind Mining has been reconstructed so many times in attempt to find what it truly means. In many years of trial and error, trying to fit in any niche, I finally stopped caring about how it will fit the standard of the society.

I have learned to be true to myself, embrace my talents and focus on rebuilding from where I have left off. I wish for anyone who would stumble upon my blog to see this as an inspiration to be who they want to be. To put themselves first, to be grateful for the long journey they have taken so far, be proud of it, and to push through something greater than who they were before.

Who Am I?

I'm Zyra, an artist, and a blogger who is eager to create my dream life and career through creativity and moving forward.

After years of feeling lost and confused, feeling like I never really fit in anything others have told me to try and work on, I finally decided to stop listening on how I should live my life. Gathering all the courage I have left to take one big step towards my journey and stand out.

I have always been an outcast, different, and fitting in a such environment that doesn't let me express myself in ways that I can feels extremely frustrating to me. Discovering writing since 4 years ago is one of the best things I have ever done in my life. Tired of trying to get jobs that doesn't spark inspiration and happiness in me, I created The Mind Mining to share my journey towards reaching my goals. To show that I am capable of being who I want to be, and choosing my own path doesn't mean failure.

My wish...

...for everyone who would be inspired by this blog, is to keep going, no matter how long it takes to reach your destination, no matter how rough the road is, rest if you need, but never stop.

Love and light.

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